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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dear Fellow Wine Enthusiast,

We have not met yet but let me begin by introducing myself - my name is Scott "The Wine Making Guy" and I'm passionate about wine making.
You can definitely tell this by reading my blog.
Think of me as your next door neighbour who absolutely loves making wine ... but more importantly loves helping people like you learn how to make wine too!
You've thought about making your own wine and are probably feeling a little overwhelmed.
Maybe you've already tried to make your own and wine and are confused by the difficult to understand instructions and wish you had some that would just start at the beginning.
Perhaps you're concerned about spending a lot of time and money only to have your wine turn out tasting like vinegar.
If some or all of these situations sound familiar, you've come to the right place!
I too have had these difficulties and in fact have tasted my fair share of absolutely terrible home made wine.
My guess is that some of the above concerns sound familiar to you and therefore on this page I will show you not only how to make wine, but how you can:

Feel confident in knowing what you will need to purchase the first time you visit a wine equipment store

Select the best wine kit based on how soon you would like to drink it and on the style of wine you enjoy the most

Follow a simple process so that you will not ruin your first batch

Make wine on a budget without sacrificing the quality of the wine

Turn items from your garden into a delicious and flavorful wine in addition to red or white wines
My goal is to help save you frustration as well as money, and above all else help YOU turn home made wine making into a hobby that you (as well your friends and family) will enjoy for years to come!

Here Are Just A Few Of The Hurdles We Struggled Through So You Won't Have To ...

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Perhaps you are in the same position my wife and I were in a few years ago – interested in learning how to make wine properly and we assumed that it was going to be easy. We started by investing in wine making equipment along with a pail of juice (a Shiraz if I remember correctly), hoping that what we had just bought included some simple to follow instructions that would turn our grape juice into a tasty wine that even our friends would rave about.

If you've ever purchased a wine kit before you will probably nod your head when I say that the instructions included in a typical wine kit are very basic and had us scratching our heads more then once. In fact, my wife and I figure it was through shear luck that our first batch of wine was a success!

We were overwhelmed (just like yourself) when we first started making wine. Some of the things that had us scratching our heads included:

How the heck do you read a hydrometer?

Is it okay to use tap water with a wine kit?

How much air space in the carboy should there be?

The only place in the house I can make wine is in the basement and my wine has prematurely stopped fermenting. HELP!

When do I absolutely know when it's okay to bottle my wine?

How do I store my bottles properly? I have heard of bottles exploding and don't want this to happen to me!

Does it matter which cork I use?

Should I filter my wine before I bottle it? Some say you should and others say you shouldn't.
Thankfully we did sort things out through trial and error, several trips to our local wine making equipment store as well as many, many calls to our wine making friends to ask “a few” questions.

They All Laughed When We Told Them We Were Bottling Wine For Our Own Wedding - But When They Tasted The Wine!

... I hate to admit this ... but we decided to save some money and make the wine for our wedding. Yep, that's right, we used our wedding guests as guinea pigs!

Judging by the number of empty bottles on the tables and the “glow” on people's faces the wine we made was a hit!

We have made several hundred bottles of homemade wine since then and I credit this success with going beyond the simple instructions included in the wine kit and spending some time with more experienced “expert” wine makers to discover what it was that they felt were the keys to successfully making wine.

It was through actively looking for this information that I not only improved my knowledge and skills in how to make wine but also motivated me to turn wine making into an enjoyable hobby.

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I should also mention that wine making isn't just a hobby for me but for my wife as well. She is as passionate about wine as I am! We also find that making wine together is also a good time to "hang" together, which makes the winemaking hobby that much more enjoyable as well.

If I Can Do It Why Do Others Find Wine Making So Difficult?

I was thinking one day that there must be people out there who have seen their friends make wine and thought that “some day” they would like to start doing it themselves but have “never had the time to do it”.

After all:

Wouldn't it be great if there were a simpler, easier, no-risk way to make great tasting wine from your very first batch?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you knew the secrets to making great tasting wines quickly and affordably?

Imagine the looks of shock and amazement on your friend's faces after they compliment you on your wine selection - and you tell them you made it yourself!

Well, I've decided it's time to share with you the biggest and greatest tips and tricks I have discovered that have turned me from a “Home Made Wine Making Flunkie” into a hobby that my wife and I absolutely love – in only 5 short years.

You will quickly find out that making wine is not as hard as you think ... so long as you know the steps you need to follow to be successful.

Following the right process will actually save you money

Your friends will turn to you as the group's wine expert once they taste the wine you have made

There are simple things you can do to ensure that the temperature of your wine in is kept at a consistent level

Fermenting wine certainly has an “aroma” to it but with a few “smarts” can be controlled so complaints are kept to a minimum
And ...

You can be drinking a full bodied home made wine within 4 months if you know which kit to choose!
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World's Easiest To Follow Recipes For Amazing Homemade Wine - So Brain Dead Simple You Actually Have To Try To Screw Them Up!

This is one of the best wine making guides on the market as it reveals the tips and tricks from people like yourselves who have been making wine for the past several decades.

Here are just a few of the little known wine making secrets
you're about to discover:

An important detail you won't find in store bought instructions that ensures a great batch of wine every time ... (Page 25)
The secret to cleaning your wine equipment so you never spoil a batch of wine due to bacteria and other air born "pests" that can take control ... (Page 12)
Ten "common sense" tips that will make wine making a breeze... (page 24)
An excellent explanation on how to properly read the hydrometer so that you know when it is time to move on to the next important step in the wine making process. (Page 19)

A super simple calculation so that you can tell how much alcohol is in your wine ... (Page 20)
The type of water to use with your wine kit – can I use water out of the tap after all? (Page 4)
To filter or not to filter? Learn what you can expect from filtering or not filtering your wine so you can decide what is right for you .. (Page 35)

An excellent resource that will help you determine which yeast to use depending on the type of fruit your are using to make wine ... (Page 6)
How to properly store your wine once it has been bottled including making an informed choice about which cork and wine bottle to use ... (Page 44)
How to use your cordless drill to ensure that your wine bottles don't explode on you in your wine cellar ... (Page 46)
Discover the difference between aging the wine in the carboy or in the wine bottle so that you can make an informed decision on which route you would like to go .. (Page 42)

A great explanation on how air could ruin your batch of wine so that you do not turn your hard work into wine vinegar .. (Page 8)

and ...

How you can make wine from items in your own backyard so that you can save even more money ($70 to $150 PER BATCH!) and have a ton of fun doing it! .. (Page 50)

Here's What You Don't Need To Do:

Spend thousands of dollars

Waste hours of your valuable time on mistakes

Become frustrated & impatient

Wonder if you are “doing it right”

Give up and “hope” your wine turns out the way it should
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All you need ... is to see how more experienced wine makers have become successful at making wine then learn how to rapidly apply it to your own wine making.

You see ..

... chances are good you ALREADY
have all the core basics ...

.. all it will take are a few tweaks and a “YEE HAW!”
- you will be catapulted into the results you have dreamed of
and have worked so hard for.

I am living proof that the average person can overcome his or her fears and inhibitions ... and finally discover how easy it can to make delicious wine even your friends will love!

Need even more proof that I'm not just a fluke of nature?

Read these real-life success stories from people just like you:

“This is the best laid out and formatted guide I have seen filled with diagrams and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to help me make the perfect batch of wine.”

By using Scott's wine making guide not only was my first two batches of wine amazing but I saved $476.12, which I wouldn't have if I had used any other guide based on his money saving tips.

This is the best laid out and formatted guide I have seen filled with diagrams and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to help me make the perfect batch of wine.

I look forward to receiving future wine making tips and tricks from him as he certainly knows what he's talking about!

- Stacey Becker, British Columbia

“In my opinion you are the #1 vintage quality aside from the wine.”

I am not a wine bibbler but your approach to wine making is to my likeing and without preservatives and additives. Mostly I am impressed with the fact of your willingness to share with others. This shows a sterling quality of your character.

In my opinion you are the #1 vintage quality aside from the wine. Thank you very much for the pleasure of correspondance.

- Bella, New Jersey

“This is an informative and entertaining read for anyone interested in wine making”

This is an informative and entertaining read for anyone interested in wine making. The author, Scott Young has taken would be novices and turned them into wine making experts.

His easy going approach to readers makes this a must read for anyone who has ever thought of making their own wine. Scott doesn’t stop there though; he offers helpful information and thoughts for those of us who just enjoy experiencing a full bodied wine with storage tips and how to pick the right berries and fruits.

There is so much information packed into this ebook – readers will thoroughly enjoy it from cover to cover. I recommend Scott Young’s Delicious Wine Making Made Easy Ebook to anyone with a passion and thirst for wine"

- Helen Z., California

“I just got Scott's new book, "Delicious Wine Making Made Easy", and instantly wished all my wine making friends would buy it. It covers wine making from the very beginning stages, to fail safe advanced recipes. This means that you have one manual for a lifetime of wine making at home.”

And here is the best part. "Delicious Wine Making Made Easy" is an easy read. Scott takes all the anxiety out of home wine making. He has a clear and fun style of writing. You are not going to get lost in a bunch of wine techno babble. All the answers you need are easy to find and illustrated with detailed pictures. No more frantic squinting at vague instruction sheets, or hunting through a bunch of poorly written websites.

I've printed out my copy of Scott's ebook and have it handy for when I need it. But if you don't have a laser printer you can order a useful spiral bound copy ( hint: Don't bother printing it out with an inkjet printer. The first drip of water or wine will smear everything up. )

I should also point out a great added benefit to owning this book. I now have access to Scott and am able to suggest topics for his newsletter. This means that "Delicious Wine Making Made Easy" is like a key to all sorts of advanced knowledge which will be coming in the newsletters.

- Colin Noden, British Columbia (Practical Answers Blog)

Here It Is. The ONLY “How To Make Homemade Wine”
Guide You'll Ever Need!

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People are constantly telling me how grateful to me they are for creating such a comprehensive yet easy to follow guide as it totally cleared up dozens of frustrating points of confusion for them while making great tasting wine fun, surprisingly easy, and affordable!

I've made it so anyone interested in learning how to make wine can squeeze every single eye-popping tip and trick in here.

You're getting:

A shopping list of equipment you'll need to make wine (and beer)
Easy to follow step-by-step instructions included for every batch of wine
A “quick-start” reference guide to have by your side to ensure that your instructions easily available when you are making your wine
A Glossary of wine making terms so that you can “talk the talk”
A “Top 10” list of common sense tips and tricks that will make your wine making experience a whole lot easier


If you HAVEN'T started making wine yet, I'll show you how you can get started in less than 24 hrs, spending less than $200, making wine professional quality wine that you already enjoy!

OR ...

If you already have started making wine, I'll show you how you can use these tips and tricks that nobody else will show you that I've used to make great tasting wine for the last five years!

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These Are Guaranteed To Make Your Winemaking Experience Even More Satisfying and Enjoyable ...

Yes, these bonuses I'm about to show you are FREE!

And yes every single person who gets them will be further ahead in making wine than they already will be with the full guide itself.

Look at these:

Fast Action Bonus #1 ($97 value)

Free Lifetime Access To My Wine Making Tips & Tricks Newsletter!

You will receive a complimentary lifetime subscription to my exclusive wine making email newsletter packed with the latest tips, tricks and techniques to help you improve your wine making skills (and results) as well as discounts on future editions of the ebook. And it's FREE with your purchase of my book today! Of course, you may opt-out of this list at any time, and I will never sell, rent or otherwise distribute your email address to anyone. You have my promise.
Fast Action Bonus #2 ($30 value)

A Printable Wine Making Recipe Tracking Sheet!

Keep track of each step of the wine making process on a batch by batch basis so that you can ensure consistency between batches

Handy to keep track of any “customizations” you have done for each batch

Also useful when making batches of wine from scratch
Fast Action Bonus #3 ($210 value)

Detailed Lessons On Teaching You How To Properly Taste & Present Wine To Your Guests!

Learn directly from a the owner of a winery how to properly taste a wine. Includes:

Free wine tasting course ($150 value)

A simple wine scoring sheet ($10 value)

Description of the UC Davis 20 point scoring system ($10 value)

Detailed instructions on how to make your own sensory aroma kit ($20 value)

Guide on how to properly present wine to your guests ($20 value)
Fast Action Bonus #4 ($97 value)

Make Your Own Unique Wine and Liquor With These Delicious Recipes & Execellent Tutorials!

32 berry wine recipes

20 recipes for making wine from extracts

4 techniques & recipes for making wine from citrus fruits

10 in depth recipes for making perfect flower wines

Tutorial on making home wines from dried herbs - including 8 easy make-it-now recipes

A further 9 make-from-home tutorials including recipes for creating stunning wines from dried fruits & grain

Tips on creating your very own signature wine

In depth tutorial on making wine from grapes including 6 ready to follow recipes

Several recipes & tutorials on creating splendid liquors.
Fast Action Bonus #5 (Priceless!)

I'll Send You Your Very Own Super Handy "Wine Bag Decapper"! (see video below)

This is an absolute must have tool as it makes removing the cap on a wine kit bag SUPER EASY!
If you've ever made wine from a kit you know how hard it is to open the bag with your fingers (especially without getting wine concentrate all over you ...)
When you purchase my wine making system be sure to email me with your mailing address and I'll send you this fantastic tool right away!
Take a moment to view this short video as it'll show you why you absolutely need this tool! (give it a moment to load)

Fast Action Bonus #6 ($17 value)

Learn How To Make Homemade Wine From Fresh Grapes - The Keys To Creating A Delicious Wine From Scratch!

This guide will get your on your way to making wine from scratch

Start by making your very own a simple dry red wine!
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Now check this out:

Your AllWineMaking.Com “No Bull” Guarantee

My policy has always been that you carry NO RISK with a complete hassle-free guarantee. In fact, I'm willing to take all of the risk!

Download my “Delicious Wine Making Made Easy” e-book and use it to make wine over an 8 week period and if for whatever reason your wine does not turn out the way you expected then write to me with specific details on what happened and I'll happily refund your purchase price! I want you to be successful - it's THAT simple!

But as my gift to you please keep the book and the bonuses as my way of saying “Thank You” for giving my guide a try.

Why So Much For So Little?

I have a very specific reason why I'm giving it to you for so little.

I'm doing this because I want to create a long-lasting relationship with you.

The ball's in your court. You can either:

Try to make wine on your own by following the inadequate instructions included in your wine kit with no one to help answer your questions when you get into a pinch ...
or ...

You can get my no-nonsense wine making guide that will give you all of the tools you need to turn grape juice into wine your friends will rave about! Not only that but if you have any wine making questions (i.e. you're stumped) send me an email and I'll get an answer for you!
If You Choose Option B (and I Hope You Did), Why Wait?
Order Now, While It's Still Hot On Your Mind!!

Yes Scott, I'm Ready To Discover "Insider" Wine Making Secrets!
I'd have to be crazy to miss this offer! And I understand how much of a tremendous value this "insider" information is for only $47, considering the hundreds of dollars of wine-making information I'll get that'll enable me to make delicious wine my friends and family will rave about!

I know I'll also save hundreds of dollars in time and effort over the long run, shortcutting years of trial and error by taking you up on this one-time-offer.

I understand that I will receive the following:

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions included for every batch of wine
A Glossary of wine making terms so that you can “talk the talk”

A “Top 10” list of common sense tips and tricks that will make your wine making experience a whole lot easier

A handy wine recipe card to keep track of each of your wine batches ($30 value)

A handy wine recipe card to keep track of each of your wine batches ($20 value)

A free wine tasting course ($150 value)

A simple wine scoring sheet ($10 value)

A description of the UC Davis 20 point scoring system ($10 value)

Detailed instructions on how to make your own sensory aroma kit ($20 value)

A guide on how to properly present wine to your guests ($20 value)

Additional Wine/liquor recipes & tutorials ($97 value)
Your very own wine bag decapper! (priceless)
A fantastic recipe to make a dry red wine from grapes ($17 value)

I also know that I have nothing to lose, considering that you will give me
a FULL REFUND if I'm not satisfied in 8 weeks.

Scott A. Young's
"Delicious Wine Making Made Easy"

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"Delicious Wine Making Made Easy"
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Scott Young

P. S. Remember: If you're not thrilled with my step-by-step guide, simply let me know within one year. You pay nothing AND you keep everything – including the Super Bonuses – a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide!

As soon as you order it, you'll have it in your hands electronically within minutes. And you'll be able to get started the same day you receive it.

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